AMOS M&E system training


AMOS modules & area's available for training

It is our strong believe that training of your staff will only make sense if the training that they receive can be related to situations which your staff if familiar with. In order to assure that AMOS trainings that we perform are effective, our trainer will first discuss the content of the requested training with you and secondly it has our preference to make use of your own training system in order to be sure to use data to which the participants of the training actually can relate to. Practice ensures mastery, thats why during our AMOS training participants will not only listen to the instructor but will actively participate in the course by means of excersises and a final test.


Our 2012/2013 pricelist: here


We can train your staff in the following area's or modules of AMOS:

AMOS for technicians (customized training)

AMOS component maintenance

AMOS material management for logistics

AMOS store handling

AMOS maintenance planning modules

AMOS engineering modules

AMOS for maintenance control

AMOS finance modules

AMOS for administrators


After succesfull completion of the exam (EASA standard passing grade of minimum 75%), participants receive a certificate from ExSyn Aviation Solutions which states that they passed the course according the standards of ExSyn Aviation Solutions.


certificates of ExSyn Aviation Solutions are not accepted by Swiss-as for Swiss-AS courses in which it is required that a certain course is succesfully attended before attending a follow-up course at Swiss-AS


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    As part of our strategic research objectives, ExSyn has added two new fields to its portfolio of researches: the aircraft MRO outlook and aircraft reliability forecasting models.

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